Volvo Marque Club Reunion - March 4, 2007

Members who couldn't make it to the event sent the following pictures.


Bill & Judy Blackburn sent one of themselves and
several of the checkpoints on the Crushburn Affair rally.

David Wantland tries his luck.

Fast Eddie & Greg look on. Cyn & Ruth(seated) officiate.

George & Joan Peters make a stop.


Jim and Nancy Lutz sent these.

Kristin & Jim Lutz

Jim & Nancy celebrate their 2nd anniversary.

Jim & Nancy's new house.

And now all of the happy couples who did attend.

Mary Ann & Dave Truby

Michael, Grace & Michele Marzullo

Stan & Shirley Wantland

Greg & Cres Minderlein

Frank & Chris Salemi

Art & Ann Truffer


Tom & Jeanie Hoffman

Jim & Kathy McCrory

Mike Koutek & Frank Salemi - They're not really a couple, Frank just likes having his picture taken.

Jim & Diane Kinnear