Jim and Michele went on a Road Trip to New York on October 2, 2007 to see Faith Hill appear at a performance being taped for XM radio. The good close up pics are from the site with the link below.

Click HERE and then click on CAM 3 Extras to see videos of the performance.

The performance was actually a combination
 interview/concert and as always Faith was spectacular.

The performance was done in a relatively small (250 seat) theater, The Allen room, at the Lincoln Center. The room is on the 6th floor and the entire 100 ft wall behind the stage is a window overlooking Central Park, 59th St. and the tall buildings of New York.

Unfortunately the only thing this pictures shows is the lights of the cars on 59th street. In person, the view was magnificent.

Faith sang many old hits and a couple of songs from her new CD. 

Michele and Jim show off their souvenir lanyards.

Faith and her band sign off.
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Time on the train-6 hours, $236


Time waiting in line-1 hour & 15 minutes, FREE



Time on the subway-10 minutes, $8


Time of the concert 1 hour & 30 minutes, FREE


Time with my daughter-12 hours