On Sunday October 29th, 2006 we went to Washington DC to cheer on Michael McGuire as he ran the Marine Corps Marathon.
Michael did great, finishing in the top 10% overall !!!!

Click HERE to go the the official website.

We had a great view of mile 5 1/2 and 9 in the shadows of the infamous Watergate Complex.


The wheelchair racers came first.

The first runner had a police escort.

These were the first two runners. The one on the right finished 5th overall.

Then the next four. Number 186 finished 3th overall and number 1 was the overall winner.

Then the pack really thickened up.

Then our hero came along. Michael at mile 5 1/2.

This was the second place runner at mile 9.

This throng of racers passed us by like this for over an hour, over 34,000 in all.

Michael(#2501) passes mile 9.

Michael gets a high five as he passes.

Michael stops for energy beans at mile 13.

Michael's cheering section heads to the finish on the Metro.