On April 16, 2008 Diane and I went to the XM Radio studios in Washington
DC for a taping with Richard Barone, lead singer of the Bongos, an 80's band. Richard had written a book called Frontman, about his life and career as a lead singer. The taping was for a show on The Loft, one of the XM radio stations. As part of the taping, Joyce DeWitt (Janet Wood from Three's Company) did a couple of readings from the book and even sang a song. She was very good. There were only seven of us "outsiders" there and we watched the taping from the control room. After the taping we were invited into the studio to mingle with Richard, Joyce and the others.   

Everyone was very friendly and we had a great time. Joyce will be 59 on April 23, 2008. Hope I look that good when I'm 59-Ha-Ha.