On July 7, 2007 we went to the Soul2Soul2007 concert at the Verizon Center in Washington DC.

Click HERE to see some of Faith's videos.

Click HERE to see Faith Perform Stronger on David Letterman

We were fortunate enough to get Pre-Show Party passes again this year.
Since I knew the lay of the land from last year, I was able to get a spot
directly in front of Faith, about five feet from her.

One of the opening act singers, Lance Miller, started the party.

Along with one of the Dance Hall Doctors.

Then more members of Tim & Faith's bands joined in.

Then the two members of another one of the opening acts, Halfway to Hazard, performed.

Then it was time for the stars!!! FAITH.


And TIM!!!

They talked with the audience and answered questions for a bit and then Tim sang.

Faith also sang.