On March 4, 2016 Jim & Diane traveled north to Montclair, New Jersey to see the Blues Brothers. On the way we stopped to have lunch at Woody's Crab House in North East, Maryland with good friends Jack & Pat Betzal.


The concert was held at the Wellmont theater in the heart of Montclair.



The Brothers even brought their car along.


Before the show we went back stage for a meet & greet with the Brothers, Dan Aykroyd, Jim Belushi and Paul Shaffer. Dan invited us to join them after the show at Just Jakes for their customary burgers & wine after party.


Click HERE for the Blues Brothers rendition of Soul Man!!

Someone baked a cake for the Brothers. Dan's financial manager was there and told us to order food and drink as the Brothers went to take a shower.



The first thing Dan did when he got there was to suggest another picture. Then he sat down across from us and had his burger & wine while chatting with us about our family and his.

After Dan finished his Burger, he went down the end of the table and talked with Paul & Jim a bit.




After our meal we grabbed a couple more pictures to
remember the night and it was a night to remember!!