Jim & Diane went to New York City on Monday April 6, 2015

First stop was Madison Square Garden. They had recently finished a One Billion Dollar renovation and it showed.


One of the most interesting things was the Bridge. It hangs down from
the ceiling(where I've drawn the red line) and has six rows of seats holding about 500 people. The tour guide said it really gets rocking during games or concerts.


A view of the bridge on the other side. Don't think I'd want to sit under the bridge.



A view of the ice from the bridge.

The beer room.





One of the owner's suites at ice level.



Monday night it was time for the World Premier of VEEP at the School for Visual Arts.



Julia Louis Dreyfus and Anna Chumlsky on the Red Carpet.



Most of the cast.


Below are a few screen shots from the trailer and the first episode.








Later that season the Joint Chiefs were summoned to Selina's bedroom (because she was sick) for an important meeting. I was sitting at the foot of the bed on the other side. As the Chairman started to talk she fell asleep. We all got up and left. This scene was cut from the show.



The after party was held at Gotham Hall, a large oval shaped room with sheers hanging from an oval ring near the ceiling.




There were about 300 people in attendance & all were very friendly.








Photo op with one of the stars, Matt Walsh.,






Anna is appearing in a Broadway Play and arrived late.






Tuesday we took in the Meredith Vieira Show. It was actually one and a half episodes, about 2 1/2 hours.



Tuesday night we went to see Beautiful, The Carol King Musical. The music was fantastic and the performers were spectacular. Click HERE and HERE to see and hear some of the show.



A view of the Empire State Building from our hotel window.




Wednesday we went down to the 9/11 Memorial. The museum is very well done and is mostly underground. The pictures don't do it justice and are a little blurry because you can't use a flash in the museum.




The new One Would Trade Center.




One of the two reflecting pools, one in each place where the two buildings stood. The names of the people killed were engraved in the ledge surrounding the pools. 










The base of the antenna that stood atop of the North Tower.










The heat from the fire was so intense that is caused this massive girder to bend like this.




The symbolic last piece to be removed from the site.




One of the slurry walls that held back the Hudson River from flooding the building site. There are cables in the round items that go back to bedrock.