jOn Dec 7, 2016 Jim & Diane went to Brooklyn, NY to visit the set of Blue Bloods. Our favorite TV show. We were very fortunate to have Greg Jbara (Garrett Moore, DCPI) as our guide. You could tell that he is well respected and loved by all of the cast and crew.

Our first stop was a location a few blocks away from the sound stages, St Stanislaus Catholic Church. The Reagans were attending the wedding of a friend there. Between takes we were able to get a shot of most of the Reagan Family.




We spent about three hours at this location meeting all of the cast and crew.


The cast clowns around on location.






After the wedding we went to the sound stages to see the Commissioners office, the precincts and the Reagan house.
Jim and Diane at the Commissioner's desk.



The NYPD conference room.




The house in the exterior shot is only a few miles away from the sound stages, on Harbor View Terrace in Bay Ridge.


Jim & Diane waiting for the Reagans at the dinner table. Note how thick the seat cushions are. The dinner scene takes 5 to 6 hours to shoot so comfort is key.



Ho-hum, still waiting.




Oh, there they are. Guess we weren't invited.



One of the prop ladies gave us a couple of guns to try out.


Greg is such a great guy that he walked us to the subway station (about a mile) and rode with us (including one transfer) back to our stop at Times Square. Can't say enough good about Greg!