Usually when you're re-assigned to a new base, you go home on leave before going to the new base.
This time, I decided to drive from Spokane, Washington to Biloxi, Mississippi via Hollywood and see some of the country.

Early one June morning I hopped in my little blue beetle and started my 3200 mile odyssey.

At this point in Oregon I was following another blue beetle just like mine.

Red roads??

Mount Shasta in Northern California.

I reached San Francisco on my second day.

The Golden Gate Bridge.

After I left San Francisco I went to visit Bob Olivera's parents in Oakland, California.
What a treat, they took me in like I was their son. I stayed there for two days and
was treated like a king. They fed me and Bob's cousins took me into Oakland to show me the night life.  

After I left Oakland, I went to Bakersfield, California to visit a girl, Pat Rothwell,
who I had been writing to for six months or so. I can't remember who connected us.
As with the Olivera's her parents took me in and fed me like a king. We had a great time together. 

Next I headed down to Beverly Hills, California to see a few stars, never did.
These are houses. I wonder how much their home owner's insurance is?

Went across the dessert to Las Vegas. No pictures there.

Then to Boulder City.

And the Hoover Dam which opened in 1936.


The spectacular Grand Canyon.


The Painted Desert

Early graffiti.

Ahhh, finally Biloxi and the Gulf Of Mexico.